On the island of Brač (pronounced bratch) off the coast of Croatia, olive trees flourish in a meticulously preserved environment. Thanks to the characteristic chalky soil, iodine-rich sea breezes and perfect climate, the olives grown here develop a unique flavour that carries through into the pressed oil.


These oblica (pronounced oblitsa) olives are each picked by hand without the use of any tools or machinery. Each fruit is carefully selected before being cold-pressed in the communal village press, producing an oil which can then be filtered carefully according using age-old Brač techniques. This is more than just an oil; it is the nectar of a naturally organic fruit. It offers an exceptional sweetness and the aroma of freshly cut grass, but with such a refined delicacy that a few drops can lift your dishes to another level.


Oblica (Oblitsa) is the fruit of a father and son’s passion for the olive groves on the island of Brač (Brach) in Croatia. Originally from Toulouse, this family now presses an oil from local Oblica olives which reflects the limestone soil and salt-laden winds of the Croatian shore.


The island of Brač is in the Adriatic Sea. It is a part of Croatia and is off the Dalmatian coast, opposite Split. With a surface area of 396 km², it’s the third biggest island in the Adriatic and the biggest on the Dalmatian coast.


Hundred-year-old olive trees are
grown to preserve the soil

The olives are picked by hand, one after the other by the residents of the village

The oil is extracted by a two-phase mill

Bottled on the estate at the date of the order

Our organic extra-virgin olive oil is pressed every day after picking, which allows it to retain all its nutritional qualities.


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Organic extra-virgin olive oil, certified by AGRIBIOCERT • No chemical fertiliser • No pesticides • No herbicides • Acidity level : 0,18% • Peroxide value : 3.5 mol – 0,2 kg

The 2018 oil will be available from February 2019


OBLICA – Organic Olive Oil
OBLICA Brač j.d.o.o.
Hrvatskih Velikana 8
Supetar – Croatia

HR 308 895 102 07

French Office

21 rue Apollo
31240 L’Union – FRANCE

+33 6 63 91 19 11

Owner :
Christian BOUAS
Operations manager :


“A very powerful nose marked by notes of fresh herbs, artichokes and black radishes. The register is more root-like than floral. Plenty of chewiness and pungency on the palate, with immediate strong hints of bitterness. The oil is very rich, with very little acidity, and the tannins emerge during a very long finish. Good balance between fullness, bitterness and tannins. An oil for salads, but especially for grilled fish, making a Pesto Genovese or a “Soupe au Pistou” (vegetable soup with garlic and basil).”

Hecht & Bannier

“A different, very distinctive and rare aroma and flavour.
The aromas perceived on the nose are reflected on the palate. Aeration has intensified the oil’s aromas and flavours.
A strong scent of cut grass. Aromas of leaves, fruit and grass surrounded by fresh almonds.
No acidity, pungent (peppery not spicy), good bitterness.
Use in the kitchen but never warmed or heated, or even in a vinaigrette: simply on its own as a finishing touch to perceive its full power and purity.
Try it with a salmon tataki or an obsiblue prawn tartare (strong iodine flavour) or possibly with poultry, a very dry goat’s cheese or grilled fish. In all cases, use it on its own as a finishing touch: don’t mix it with other ingredients.”

Sébastien CRISSON, restaurant Le Lumiere’s chief, Hotel Scribe